In force

The following treaties have been ratified or are in the process of being ratified or negotiated by Gabon:

Citation Name Parties
[2018] VTS 4 Treaty of Peace for the Grand Mercantile Republic of the Autonomous Free Sovereign State of Gabon, the Abode of Peace Gabon
[2018] VTS 5 Treaty for a Transition of Government to bring to a conclusion to the Civil War in Gabon Gabon–Varkonia
[2018] VTS 3 Treaty Effecting a Transition of Government for the Principality of Gabon through Cession of Lands to the Grand Duchy of Varkonia Gabon–Varkonia
[2018] VTS 1 Treaty of Friendship and Alliance between the Principality of Gabon and the Republic of Bloom Gabon–Bloom

Not in force

Citation Name Parties
[2018] VTS 2 Treaty of Territorial Cession relating to the Red and White Lands between the Kingdom of Impasse and the Principality of Gabon Gabon–Impasse